Poetry Books

2012 – Addicted to the Horizon

book jacket

"These spare lyrics move most powerfully in seeking...are beautiful for their music and deft sketches...and affecting in their tolereance for uncertainty in the world and in the self; searching for meaning and self-knowledge—perhaps one and the same—but like the horizon not fully attainable. They remain distant, each horizon offering a different perspective."

—April Ossman

1996 – I Have Tasted the Apple

book jacket

"Mary Crow's book, I Have Tasted the Apple, has a big feel to it; basic and metaphysical, these poems are informed by a mature lyricism. Also there"s a quiet, honed rage beneath everyday scenarios that are injected with a sober realism into a forbidden landscape. But here's a garden whose soil is rich enough to nourish the mostly earthly delights."

—Yusef Komunyakaa

1989 – Borders

book jacket

"The poetry of Mary Crow is as we would expect of an artist deeply troubled by her experiences. The writing is taut, lean with the struggle to persevere and become its own true cause; and by the grace and the power of her art, the poems in Borders are kept from vanishing into the pain itself, thereby making a voice and presence for herself that is the fulfillment of her search for self."

—David Ignatow

Mary Crow's three chapbooks are:

  • Going Home
  • The Business of Literature
  • The High Cost of Living