Spanish Translations

2011 – Vertical Poetry: Last Poems

book jacket

"A talented and loyal translator has given fresh attention to a poet who much deserves it. Juarroz had a quiet, level voice that moves you toward surprising revelations, and Mary Crow has deftly brought that voice into English."

—John Felstiner

2002 – Engravings Torn From Insomnia

book jacket

"Reading Engravings Torn From Insomnia moves and frightens us, flinging us through a vortex of delight and wonder. And, by the book's end, we feel we've come to an unfamiliar place, that these poems have vigorously taken us there.

—Gerald Schwartz

1992 – Vertical Poetry: Recent Poems

book jacket

"Mary Crow has the sound and pitch of the Juarroz poems."

—W. S. Merwin

"Mary Crow has given us a poet of miraculous lucidity and mystery at once. Her translations are marvelous in themselves and share the beauty and importance of the work. [Juarroz] is a poet to compare with Octavio Paz."

—David Ignatow

Mary Crow's other two books of translation are:

  • From the Country of Nevermore by Jorge Teillier
  • Woman Who Has Sprouted Wings: Poems by Contemporary Latin American Women Poets